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We have been informed by one of our advertisers that they have been scammed by some people from Africa who stated that they wanted to buy their collector car and sent them a fake cashiers check. The crooks send more money than the price of the car stating that the extra money is to be sent to someone in the US to ship the car to Africa. The amount of money to be used for shipping is even close to what the actual cost for shipping would be. Once the American seller sends the money to the person who is supposed to ship the car they find out that the cashiers check is a fake. These individuals lost $8,000 of their own money in this scam. Apparently it has been tried on other collector car advertisers on this site and on other internet sites. When dealing with people from other countries it is better to be safe than sorry. According to the people who lost their money it can take over three weeks for a bank to realize that a check is a fake. They also suggest that you contact the issuing bank and get any verification in writing. The money you save may be your own.

You can find more information about this scam and other internet scams by clicking on the following link:

That link will take you to the Scam Victims United Site. It is a site that was started by the original people who reported this scam to us to help others avoid this scam.
Please note that while Africa is the most comon location for money to be sent with this type of scam we have also been notified that other foreign destinations may be used in the scam.
Please forward this information to any collector car classifieds and club web sites and newsgroups you know about. We need to all work together to keep these kind of people out of the hobby.

Click Here to read the CBS News Report on this story.

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