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Pontiac Trans-Am Based Custom
Pontiac Trans-Am Based Custom - CUSTOM CREATION.
Not a kit car.
Not a replica.
Looks sort of like a Ferrari,
but not enough to be a replica of any one particular
Ferrari model.
It is NOT a kit car, for it was a fully completed turn-key
when I purchased it about six years ago.
Nor is it a replica, since it does NOT replicate anything
made by Ferrari or anyone else,
though it does have Ferrari-inspired styling.
It began as a European-version Pontiac Trans-Am.
Then was transformed by a company in Europe
into a turn-key costing approximately $35,000.
That was what I BEGAN with.
Over the years I sunk well over another $25,000 in it.
Doing such things like replacing the original Trans-Am
305 V-8 with a full-blown 350 RACE CAR "crate engine"
from a Chevy dealer.
Then modifying it considerably.
The final work is now being professionally completed
by installing the Pro-Charger SUPERCHARGER
to boost the horsepower to about 600HP.
The steering, suspension and exhaust have been modified
as well.
It also now has a NASCAR-style dual-disc heavy duty
clutch for the five speed manual tranny.
The fabric interior was replaced with
white LEATHER upholstery.
An Alpine CD sound system not used yet has been installed.
It has T-Top styling, for convertible effect without
the woes of having to replace a convertible top periodically,
and without the worry that someone will easily slash
through a convertible top with a knife.
The exterior needs to be repainted.
I was planning to have it changed to glossy
mirror-finished black color,
which I think would look better contrasting
with the white leather upholstery,
and also give it that sinister "Stealth-Bomber-on-wheels"
But the way it looks now is still good enough
to make my buddy's $80,000 Viper look like a Mitsu
by comparison. :)
Price: Asking $49,000.
May consider trade plus cash.
Car is presently at an auto mechanic shop
near Elkton, Maryland getting the super-charger installed.
I am located in New Castle, Delaware.
Email me for more pictures
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