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We advertise collectible cars, trucks, street rods and customs, muscle cars, exotic cars, race cars and even some collectible motorcycles and motor homes on our site.

To submit your ad just type it into an email and attach your photo to that email. Then send it to:

Put the same information in your online ad as you would put in an ad in a car magazine or newspaper. We don't have any real limits on the length of our ads but we have found that people looking at web pages have a short attention span so may not completely read your ad if it is very long. Save all the details for the people who have actually contacted you about your car.

You will get better results if your ad has a price and the approximate location of your car. For location, state and city or metropolitan area is enough. If you are located in a country other than the USA be sure to list the country you are in.

Photos should be in color and should show the whole car. They should be taken in full daylight. It is best not to have people or pets in the photos.

You can send your photo just the way it came from your digital camera or scanner. We will take care of cropping your photo and compressing it for the web. We will try to make your photo look real good.

If you have photos of your car on a publicly accessible photo sharing site like Flickr or on your own web site, you can just send us a link to them in your email and we will take the best photo from there.

Remember, we cannot take ads without a picture so don't forget to attach that photo to your ad submission email.

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The American Dream Cars site gets over 500,000 visits a month and is growing. Your free ad will be seen by lots of people here!

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