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These are all the car makes that ended up as
part of the American Motors Car Brand

1924 Nash Special Six Touring Car Show Winning Survivor
1929 Nash Advanced 6 Rumbleseat Coupe Restored Original
1938 Nash Lafayette 4DR Sedan Street Rod
1938 Nash Lafayette 4DR Sedan
1939 Nash Ambassador 4DR Sedan Custom High-end Street Rod Very Rare
1939 Nash 4DR Sedan
1940 Nash Ambassador Six 4DR Sedan Museum Car
1940 Nash Ambassador 4 DR Sedan With 86,000 Original Miles
1941 Nash Ambassador Business Coupe
1945 Nash Coupe Chopped Street Rod Rare
1948 Nash Business Coupe
1947 Nash 4DR
1951 Nash Statesman 4DR Sedan Custom
1951 Nash Super
1954 Nash Super Ambassador
1955 Nash Metropolitan Street Rod
1956 Nash Metropolitan Updated
1956 Metropolitan Custom Coupe With Supercharger
1956 Nash Rambler 4 Door Sedan Low Mileage Survivor
1957 Nash Metropolitan All Steel Coupe Restored To Original
1957 Nash Metropolitan Convertible All Steel Original Barn Find
1957 Nash Ambassador 4 Door With Low Miles
1957 Rambler 4 Door Sedan
1957 Rambler Station Wagon
1959 AMC Rambler Deluxe 2 DR Sedan Project
1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertible
1960 Nash Metropolitan Convertible
1960 Rambler American 2DR Station Wagon Street Rod
1960 Nash Station Wagon Street Rod
1961 Rambler Classic 8 Passenger 5 DR Station Wagon
1961 Nash Metropolitan Restored
1962 Rambler American 400 Convertible
1964 AMC Rambler American Convertible
1965 AMC Rambler Marlin Fastback AACA Awarded
1965 Rambler American Convertible
1965 AMC Rambler Classic 770 Convertible
1965 AMC Classic 4DR Sedan
1966 Rambler Classic Rebel 2DR HT
1967 AMC Marlin
1968 Rambler American 2DR Sedan Custom, Award-winning Show Car
1968 American Motors AMX With Go Pack
1968 AMX
1969 AMC AMX Coupe Go Pack Car Numbers Matching 1 of 238
1969 AMC AMX 2DR Hardtop One Owner Car
1969 AMX Go Pac
1969 AMC Rambler Hurst SC Project
1969 AMC Rambler Hurst SC
1969 AMX
1969 AMX
1970 AMX High Performance Award Winner With 47k Original Miles
1972 AMC Matador 2DR Hardtop Like New
1973 AMX Javelin With 49,000 Miles
1973 AMC Hornet X Coupe
1973 AMC Matador 4DR
1973 AMC AMX Javelin
1973 AMC Matador Stationwagon
1974 AMC Matador 2DR Custom With 1995 Chevy LT1 Engine
1974 AMC Hornet Race Car
1974 AMC Matador 2DR
1974 AMC Matador X
1975 AMC Oleg Cassini Matador
1975 Bobby Allison Matador Clone
1980 AMC Eagle 4X4
1983 AMC Eagle Custom

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