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1983 Toyota Land Cruiser
1983 Toyota Land Cruiser - 4WD HJ47 LWB HARDTOP TROOPY
Excellent condition, lovingly restored,
many extras, lots of chrome,
maroon exterior and interior,
white fiberglass roof,
no rust, undercarriage totally undersealed.
New upholstery in front (golden velvet ).
Seats 11, driver plus two front passengers with
4 double drop-down seats in the rear for 8.
(Rear seats easily removable.)
Choice of new upholstery for rear seats
for new owner FOC if desired.
(Presently not fitted but supplied.)
This is the very last one of its kind in this country
no more 1983 Hardtop HJ47 Troopies available!
Will ship to anywhere in the world by 20-foot container.
Now eligible for import into USA being more than
21 years old;
EPA compliant. (Have already successfully shipped the
second last HJ47 to Atlanta Georgia in 2006
via Vancouver Canada.)
The Jeep of Jeeps, the HJ47 was originally built
for the US army in Japan to NATO specifications!
Over one ton carrying capacity.
Speedgear plus LOW and HIGH 4WD.
Original 4 litre (3,980cc), 103HP, 6 cylinder Hino diesel
Low mileage: 75,000 over 24 years.
Two owners only:
island dental clinic (spending much of its 20 year
working life garaged on standby for village visits
on this small island with less than a hundred miles of roads).
I acquired her from the government clinic through tender
and have been the proud owner for 4-5 years restoring
and maintaining her to be the best she can be!
New brakes, new steering assembly,
new wheel bearings,
fully overaled LAND CRUISER 4WD HJ47 LWB HARDT.ems
injection pump,
new master brake pump, new clutch pump,
new shock absorbers & bushings all round,
plus much more.
All wheels computer aligned and balanced.
Extra big battery:100 amp hours,
(normal only 70 AH) upgraded high charge alternator,
aircon, radio/cassette stereo with speakers fitted at
rear roof corners,
heat/sound foam insulation under engine bonnet
and cabin floor,
rear wheel arches, rear wheel mud flaps,
spotlights, heavy duty towing hook with spring lock,
two front towing hooks,
special fitting welded on upper exhaust for
exhaust/muffler flushing with garden hose
(done every 6 months before emission testing),
air horns plus original horn,
extra ampere meter, new headliner,
steering wheel cover, sports pedals,
custom gear shift knob,
cab oscillating fan, wide mirrors,
extra LED cabin lighting, dash temperature gauge,
digital dash clock, chrome dashboard,
seat belts, driver s wooden ball seat cover, internal
chrome fittings, chrome wind foot vents and
chrome rocker cover & air filter
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