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1981 Cadillac Coupe De Ville With Dual Fuel Conversion For Sale

Photo of 1981 Cadillac Coupe De Ville With Dual Fuel Conversion

1981 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
Dark Blue Exterior
Blue Interior
personal use 1981 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
368 CID modulated V8-6-4 gasoline engine
AND equipped with a Propane DUAL FUEL option.
It is time to find a new keeper for my
one owner 1981 Cad coupe DeVille.
It was bought new at Thomas Cadillac in Los Angeles
and it runs beautifully.
When we took delivery I had it retrofitted
with a "dual fuel" set up enabling it
to run on gasoline or
clean burning, lower cost Propane.
During its lifetime it is Propane
that has been the primary fuel
with the exceptional rare use of gasoline
as a "back up" fuel in event
the propane runs out on the fly.
This enables me to switch over to the gasoline
and run on it while making it to the Propane fill center.
Propane costs about a buck
to a buck and a half less per gallon
than the premium fuel needed in this V-8
gasoline engine car and
the GREAT BENEFIT is that the engine life
when run on Propane is said to be about
3 times longer than that of a conventional
gasoline service powered engine.
We bought our 1981 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
just after the 1982 models had come out and
I test drove the new 1982 with the 4.1L 125HP
aluminum alloy V-8 which could
hardly push the load of that car.
It was really a pitiful thing to see what Cadillac
had done.
This is when I opted to go with the 5-yr
50K warranty '81 model which was in
dealer stock and it has been a great performing
and running car.
The 1981 has the 368 CID modulated V8-6-4 computer
controlled engine.
This is the first Cadillac to have that
advanced engine management system and
the 368 CID V-8 is the same engine that was
used in the 1982 - 1984 V8 factory limousine
which was fuel injected as well.
Why is this excellent running Cadillac available?
I've been intending to do a full on cosmetic restoration
of the car with paint in the same
Twilight Blue and
the Cabriolet vinyl top replacement.
However, owing to my age and health condition
it is not possible now to take on the refreshment project.
The D'Elegance upholstery is nearly perfect
in dark blue and very comfortable with
the back seating having had very little use.
Ideally this Cadillac needs to go into the hands of
one who is younger, wants a mechanically excellent
no accident, straight
no rust
one owner California Cadillac
as a long term "keeper".
Needed in order to provide a
stunning showroom fresh appearing classic
will be exterior cosmetics.
Either a well done repaint or a "wrap" will restore
this beautifully running Cadillac to
that of a Concourse show winning trophy.
AND because this Cadillac is equipped for
dual fuel, propane or gasoline use,
it will stand above all others at any showing
and serve to demonstrate
how clean burning technology has been in play
for decades with benefits for not only
the geo-atmosphere but by providing an economy
and longevity of service
that is far superior to conventionally
powered gasoline engines.
We took delivery from Thomas Cadillac
back in Oct.1981.
Immediately after taking delivery
the car was taken over to have a
Webasto Glass Moon Roof installed.
It is far superior and quieter than
the noisy factory installed option.
From there it was delivered for the Propane retrofit
at the Propac specialty firm.
Because this is the FIRST on board computer controlled
modulated engine introduced by Cadillac,
it is a classic and was sold with a 5 yr - 50,000 mile warranty
due to the newness of the offering.
Now it is only driven a few miles a month to "exercise" it
and can continue to be used in this way without
doing anything to restore the once beautiful appearance
then eventually undergo the cosmetics
which will position it to be a head turning and
Concourse prize winning trophy.
In checking Hemming's Motor News
various older Cads are being offered in the
$10,000 to $12,000 range.
Few if any are of the 1981 series 368 CID modulated
V8-6-4 gasoline engine.
Because of the uniqueness of this Cadillac
being the FIRST computer controlled 8-6-4 engine
it justifies putting it in a special collector classification.
By the way, when the propane system was installed,
a toggle switch was added that would allow
it to operate under the 8-6-4 modulated process
OR operate as a fully engaged 8 cylinder engine.
The computer readout showing MPG shows the gas mileage
and range at a glance.
From the AC control panel
it is possible to read the on board computer codes
to determine if there are any technical issues
that need attention.
To install the Propane system TODAY in this car,
would cost over $4,700.
The N.O.S. parts inventory and manuals
plus many other items that are included
with the acquisition of the car
are valued at $2,500.00 or more.
This car is being offered at what is darn near
a virtually free amount at $4,000.
Reduced from $6,000.
Why I say "virtually free" is because
this exceptionally affordable $4,000
investment includes the $2,500. inventory
having the no longer available technical
and related publications as well as the onboard
Propane "dual fuel" conversion package
with a replacement value just under $5,000 today.
A thumbnail display of the inventory along
with an EXCEL spreadsheet detailing those sixty plus
items in numbered order is available by email on request.
The person who buys this Cadillac,
the last of my private collection,
will be acquiring a great running rear wheel drive,
Coupe De Ville with the RARE dual fuel custom option.
They can drive it home in Cadillac style.
This one owner California rust free car can
undergo the fairly simple cosmetic treatment
I had planned on doing and,
on completion, be a one-of-a-kind Cadillac
with an asset value in the mid five figures
as this model Cadillac continues to achieve
even greater rarity. AND
it can all be done for a 4-figure budget
by someone capable of undertaking
the management steps that will restore the cosmetics
of this car to showroom appearance.
Anyone who appreciates classic automobiles
and particularly the Cadillac
- with its reputation for setting
"The Standard of the World"
will appreciate what my one owner
personal use Coupe de Ville represents in value
and contemporary ecological benefits.
The Cadillac marquis, founded more than 100 years ago
in Detroit, has stood for uncompromising performance,
daring design and groundbreaking technology.
Represented in this Cadillac
is the advanced fuel management technology
of the 8-6-4 modulated, computer controlled engine:
A first for Cadillac as it lead the field
in advanced fuel technological acquiescence.
With the car will go all the new car delivery documents.
If this GARAGE GOLD is of interested
make contact and we can go from there.
I would appreciate calls between
9 AM and 7 PM Pacific Time
At 949-644-6333 Or
Contact Me 24/7 by Email:
NOTE: picture shown iswhen delivered in Oct. 1981
before the Webasto Moon Roof was installed.
To make this a show winner
new paint will do it.
Meanwhile this great running Cadillac
will be a dependable "driver".
Location: Newport Beach, California 92660
Price: $4,000 Negotiable

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