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1980 Cadillac Seville
1980 Cadillac - Seville 4DR
The car runs fine, even the air conditioning works.
The good:
It's got a 350 ci, fuel injected engine.
It's got 4 wheel disc brakes and independent suspension.
It's got front wheel drive.
The Air Conditioning works.
The front windows work.
The power seats work.
The lights all work.
Air filter. (4-27-07, 4,983 miles ago)
Fuel filter. (4-21-07, 5,577 miles ago)
Front shocks. (7-1-07, 4,718 miles ago)
Trunk struts. (9-28-06, 9,051 miles ago)
4 tires. (11-13-06 8,817 miles ago)
Alternator. (9-15-06, 10,983 miles ago)
Brake check valve. (3-15-07, 6,059 miles ago)
Brake booster. (10-13-06, 8,823 miles ago)
Master cylinder. (3-10-07, 6,159 miles ago)
Stereo /CD player with removable face.
Battery. (4-1-07, 5,914 miles ago)
Hoses and belts. (8-11-07, 4,119 miles ago)
Tune up with distributor cap (12-4-06, 8,083 miles ago)
Spark plugs. (11-15-06, 7,983 miles ago)
Ignition wires. (12-4-06, 8,083 miles ago)
Shows low mileage, which the previous owner
said was accurate.
I've started the unit and charged the battery
since parking it.
Muffler, catalytic converter, and tailpipe. (12-11-06,
7,984 miles ago)
Wire "spoke" hub caps with locks.
Clear title in hand.
Comes with the Factory Service Manual,
as well as a Chilton's guide.
The bad: Air pump siezed, belt off.
The paint is faded.
The leather seats are torn.
The rubber bumper gap fillers have rotted away.
Replacements cost around $200 in fiberglass,
which are more permanent.
The rear door windows don't work.
The driver's side rear-view mirror is loose.
I've tightened it several times, but it shakes loose again.
It's located in Winnetka, CA USA.
More pictures available on request,
send to
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