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1975 Camaro Coupe With Low Mileage For Sale


1975 Camaro Coupe
With a 350 V8 Motor,
Automatic Transmission,
With Only 65,340.9 Original Miles
On The Engine.
Mileage at the time of this post
No, not 165k,
it's not a rebuilt engine.
This car has only 65,340 Miles on the original engine.
As you can see from the video,
the body is black with two gold stripes
on the hood and rear trunk.
You're getting a Custom Paint Job As Well.
The Car also has Custom Rims and
Good, Solid Tires To Keep You
on the road for a while.
There is A Scratch on the Back Passenger Side
Wheelwell Which I've Never Gotten Fixed
Up but it should be easy enough to get handled
if you want.
INTERIOR: Beige/Goldish Color
From the 70s.
All Original Seat Cloth in the Front and Back.
The Headliner Has Been Replaced
and Is Brand New So
That's One Less Headache To Worry
About in the near future.
The Dash is in Good Shape and
Doesn't have any Cracks.
I've Installed a New, Modern Pioneer Stereo
Along with Two 6x9 Infinity Speakers in the Back.
All Very High Quality
This thing gets loud.
It Comes with Bluetooth and
There's a Microphone So that You Can Talk Hands Free.
I Have the Original Stereo Too,
just for posterity.
The Carpets are All In Good Shape and
the Seat Belts Work Well.
The Glove Box Locks and
The Light Switches and Knobs Work.
It Comes with AC!
It's Cold Enough to keep you cool in the
90 degree weather out in the valley.
It's probably not as Arctic-ly cold as modern cars
but I don't have any complaints and
it's kept me cool during the summer in the valley.
Though, the high setting doesn't work
for some reason.
Only the first three settings work and
I've just never bothered to look into it, Really.
Given that it's an older vehicle,
I've gotten some work done on it:
New front (disc) and rear (drum) brakes
(rear brake cylinders replaced too)
Replaced front (struts) and rear (shocks) suspension
Installed new windshield wipers
Replaced the fuel pump and fuel lines
Installed a New Battery Cable
Replaced rear main seal
No Oil Leaks!|
New weatherstripping around door and trunk
Kept up on oil changes every 3000-3500 Miles
It also Doesn't have the Catalytic Converter
that was introduced with this model year.
You're past the smog date (1976)
so you will never need to worry about getting it smogged.
That's a huge plus because
it'd never pass!
There are a few things that I wanted to update or replace
as well but nothing that keeps you from driving the car.
They''re more like annoyances.
I wanted to replace all of the guides
and such for the driver's side window.
It rolls up and down but it rattles at high speed
at certain heights.
Add a passenger's side view mirror
Get a new driver's side seatbelt latch cover
It didn''t have one when I bought it.
Fix the Small Power Steering Hose Leak
My mechanic said it's $100 Total and
the leak isn't very bad at all.
It also appears to have magically stopped
but I've Definitely Confirmed
there is fluid in the reservoir.
The leather on the back seats has a small tear
at the seam which I've never bothered to fix
because no one is ever back there.
NOTE I thought this was in here but clearly it's not
If you purchase the vehicle,
you would send the check to a bank.
The vehicle was partially financed so
they technically hold the title.
It takes about two weeks for the title
to get to me and I'd sign it over to you
just as we normally would.
There are also DMV forms to sign
It's super easy to ensure you're not screwed
in the deal.
It's not as bad as it sounds but
it''s different than just buying the car outright.
So there you have it.
I love the thing but don't need
Two Cars and Need To Get Rid Of This One.
I want this to go to someone
willing to take care of it.
It's truly a gorgeous vehicle and
it gets a ton of looks and attention.
And at this point,
The price is pretty much set.
You're getting a great value
so do not bother if you're not
willing to pay $9,250 Now.
This Camaro Is In
PRICE: $9,250 FIRM
Stock Number:
My Location: Elkhart, IN United States
Information Call Ray at Toll Free 800-852-1911
Or Cell 574-849-5323
Second phone: 574-970-0645 (24 hrs) Or

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