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 1970 Buick GS Stage 1
1970 Buick GS Stage 1
Body tag specs 44637FL1, 148501BDY,
TR189, 50 F PNT, 01B (Jan. 70)
This is a real Stage 1.
I have film photos of car before purchase with original front end.
Body was removed from frame, and has new bushings & bolts.
Original Bamboo Cream with brown waffle interior
which was almost completely missing.
Have old film pics.
This car was hardly there when I found it.
Bodywork was first done in Topeka, KS.,
and some recently by Wagners classic auto sales and
body shop in Bonner Springs, KS.
Originally built with console, non tilt steering, & clock.
Now has tilt steering with aluminum wheel,
and tach, but have original clock.
Has tri gauge but can't remember if original.
All the gauges needed minor cleaning and
had lenses polished.
The paint shines like new, and is the original color
with a '70 black non-waffle interior in nice condition,
new carpet and headliner.
Have some extra headliner material.
This style interior didn't come with buckets,
requiring front seat covers.
Have matching front seat in shed if wanted.
Nice front bumper, new grille & recently new back bumper.
Good door seals.
Black tri shield floor mats, and factory AM/FM which
needs some contacts or something cleaned.
I have a rebuildable non tilt buried in the shed
if wanted but It may be missing some parts.
Metal dash paint came out flatter than expected.
The instrument panel chrome was bad,
and painted silver.
Console in nice shape and shifter works great.
Some items like widow trim, etc, were put on since
some of my photos.
This car originally had aluminum front drums,
and now has aluminum front and rear drums.
Other items replaced were fenders,
quarters, trunk lid, trunk floor with black/aqua splatter paint,
door hinges, front core support,
all suspension bushings, ball joints, springs,
center steering link, end links, new P/S pump,
wheel cylinders & hoses,
4 row radiator, heater core, windshield.
Brake pedal low no matter what master cylinder
I tried way back then.
It rides super great and steers with a finger.
Frame was sandblasted and underside stripped
and all painted or undercoated in plain black.
Gas tank was cleaned out, and gauge works great.
Some fancy items are driveshaft loop and 4 T-3 headlights
but one of the low beams has a prong off but I still have it.
It comes with nice 15 inch wheels and ribbed centers
but two tires are bad because they were too old.
Now the car has spare snows on it and
is supported on frame to take stress off the springs.
I need to keep the snows.
Mechanical specs
(some of this is also tough for me to remember)
Started with excellent untouched '74 block,
now .030 over, SP 2362P notched pistons
24 cc, honed rods & mains, ARP rod bolts.
Block is decked to either 0 or .005.
We were discussing both and I can't remember.
At that time comp. ratio calculators showed around 10.4.
I think that the mains are .010 under and
the rods are std.
Oil pump replaced with booster plate with awesome pressure,
adjustable pushrods,
T/A 284/308 cam (1 above the 413) & back grooved
rotated bearings, rubber type mains (rear is rotated 1/4 in.
past the cap parting lines so seal and cap lines would not
match for leakproofing),
65cc '70 heads with Stage 1 valves and reliefs,
K/B dual springs, seals, no wiggle retainers,
T/A double roller chain & gears, B4B,
7042242 carb by Fred Catlin (can trade carb for 7042240 if
by Dec.),
Stinger ignition, KB 7 blade stainless fan,
new engine and trans mounts, K/B headers,
2 1/2 exhaust, Walker Super Turbos,
awesome trans. by Topeka Trans. with heavy duty
sprag & shift kit,
Poston swith pitch kit, used KB conv. from friends GS.
I think the stall is around 2600 but I'm not sure.
Have original front pump and shaft.
The rear is a '68 3.42 posi with rebuilt center section,
but pinion is not adjusted right so it whines.
I didn't know that until long after I bought it,
but I saw the GS that it came out of.
It must be why it shifts harder into reverse but it is
definitely not the trans.
Comes with new rear 1/2 kit from Jegs, and bearings.
The extra trans and rear parts, and other misc. parts
are in boxes and carefully put in the trunk.
Also have A/C compressor & cond. from a '72 Skylark
if wanted. For some mysterious reason,
I can't find both rear wheelwell trim yet,
but I know that I have it.
I took them off in late '07.
Some parking brake parts missing & cable end broken by pedal.
I pressurize and start the car and shift gears or
rotate the engine at least once a month.
There's likely some more things that I can't think of
because it's been too long, or others that you could pick at,
but this is a nice car, not concours.
It's ahead of a lot and behind others.
I've owned it since '90.
It wasn't driveable until '95, but I couldn't drive it much
because of repeatedly bad engine work
(not the '74 block).
I finally got that taken care of by '06.
The last time that I drove it was Sep '08,
but I went to the Nats in '97.
It's been garaged since I've owned it,
with a poly/cotton cover.
This is now hard to remember,
but I put somewhere around three thousand something
miles on the car since around '95,
and somewhere around five hundred miles on the engine
the way it is now.
Around two years ago my insurance co., Hagerty,
suggested that I insure it for $35,000,
but after researching GS's for buy/sale,
adding & subtracting for equipment, condition, etc,
averaging everything on the internet, and
discounting extra, my calculator showed $31,500,
but I'll put $28,000 on it which is a little less than what
I have in it unless you count 17 years of brutal labor
and its effects.
I'll take offers, bids, discussions, etc.
This is not near a Barrett Jackson car but they sell
for ten to twenty thousand more.
If sold, I will opt for cash, cleared check, or
bank to bank transfer.
If I put this car on Ebay,
I will not use Paypal because of extremely high fees
unless buyer insists on it and splits fees.
I will not sell this car to anyone out of the U.S.
I have an answering machine so call anytime and
come by to look as many times as you'd like as long as I'm home.
I have more/bigger photos if you'd like.
My phone number is 785-865-1615

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