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1969 Ford Ranchero Cobra Jet Ram Air 428 4 Speed For Sale

Photo of 1969 Ford Ranchero Cobra Jet Ram Air 428 4 Speed

1969 Ford Ranchero
Cobra Jet Ram Air 428
4 Speed
All New Interior,
The rest of the car,
Is In Decent Shape, but
It's A Survivor.
It Runs,and Looks Good
Although it had been sitting in a warehouse
in Kentucky for over thirty years.
I dont know anything about it
before that, except
It Was A California Car.
I have it running,
it has good brakes,
the Tires are New.
It has the Original Argent Rims that it came with.
I put on A new/ rebuilt carburator,
It was sent to holley to rebuild.
They send it through the same process as
a new carberator,
it has been zinc plated, and refurbished
as if it were A new carburator
it was the proper carburator for the '69, 428 Engine,
and I didn't want a replacement carburator.
The gas tank has been cleaned,
the complete interior is new,
it was gutted,
new sound deadner installed,
insulation, and new jute backing laid down
under the new carpet.
All new door panels,
All new seat covers,
it was a comeplete interior package
from Auto Krafters.
The dash was rebuilt, and looks like new.
I replaced the Front End, with all new parts,
I did not replace the power steering arm,
I dont know if it leaks or not,
I havent driven it enough,
have only driven it down my street,
it has all new shocks,
the rear are air shocks,
because thats what it had on it,
I went as far as I had money to go, and
would not be able to complete this restoration,
so I decided to sell it before
I got too much money invested,
so the next guy wouldn't be in a hole.
This is what I have invested,
So don't try to get it cheaper.
You won't find one of these anywhere.
The people I have talked to say it is a very rare car,
and I have never seen another one.
I am learning more and more about this car,
with every one I talk to,
It is A rare car.
The people that keep emailing me about the numbers,
they are on the back of the motor,
right up next to the firewall
you can't get to them.
If you want to know the numbers,
come on over and look for them yourself,
It won't cost you a dime to look,
and then you will know for sure.
I am tired of emailing back and forth
for someone who has no intention to buy it,
you are just wasting my time
o if you got good intentions come on over,
I will be happy to let you look at for your self.
March 28th I have just found out some new information
on where the numbers are.
I would have to pull the tranny and bellhousing off
to get to the numbers.
The transmission is the large shaft 1 3/8 input shaft.
The Engine and Transmission are Probably a Replacement.
The number on the transmission is listed as
A 1966 galaxy 428
I have had several people look at it
and it is in fact, A 428 and proper running gear.
The motor is so tight to the firewall that
I can't get any good pictures
of the exaust maifolds
but according to the shape of them,
they match the picture in several parts books,
and also a book I have on Mustangs,
and All Cobra Jets Cars.
Too many people have inquired,
that it may not be a real 428,
but it is.
Any one who wants to look at it or
have someone look at it is welcomed.
I have tried to look up the VIN Number,
but you can't,
The tag agency said that back then
they only had 11 numbers,
so when you look it up today it will tell you
you didnt list enough numbers.
I have had several people interested in it
just for the motor and tranny,
because a replacement would cost them
over ten thousand dollars.
So if you just want it for the engine and running gear,
you can sell the body to someone and
get your money back.
This Ranchero Is In DAVIE, Florida US
PRICE: $19,995 FIRM
Stock Number: 2046LL
My Location: Elkhart, IN United States
Information Call Ray at Toll Free 800-852-1911
Or Cell 574-849-5323
Second phone: 574-970-0645 (24 hrs) Or

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