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1968 Ford F-100 Custom Cab Styleside Pickup For Sale

Photo of 1968 Ford F-100
 Custom Cab  Styleside Pickup
1968 Ford F-100 Custom Cab Styleside Pickup
Six Foot Styleside Bed
Blue Exterior
Odometer Reads 76,000 Miles
360 V-8 Engine
3 Speed Manual Transmission
Complete Frame Off Restoration
Finished In October 2012
1,000 Miles since Completed
History of This Ttruck
I purchased the truck in the 1996.
I am the third owner.
The truck was purchased new in May of 1968
by a man that lived a few miles from me.
He had it for about 25 years.
After his death his wife sold it to a guy I worked with.
He rebuilt the engine and painted the truck.
It was originally that Ford Aqua green color.
After I purchased the truck I drove it for 3 years
It was my daily driver.
I took it off the road in the fall of 1999.
I started completely dismantling it in December 1999,
It took me twelve years to finally get it back on
the road in October of 2012.
I worked on it when I could, and
when I had the money to spare for it.
I had it about 75 percent done when a good friend of mine
finished, and painted it for me.
This truck has had almost every part on it either
replaced or reconditioned where needed.
It is 90 percent stock.
The bed and tailgate are from a different year,
I moved the 3 speed column shift
to a Hurst 3 speed on the floor.
The seat is not covered original.
I built it to show and drive.
I tried to take a lot of care to prevent any rust
from happening underneath.
Living in Pennsylvania even though
its not out in the weather anymore
it doesn''t take much to get started on these trucks.
I keep it in a heated garage and baby it.
Details of the Restoration
Rear End - New yoke seal
Gears inspected and set up
New gasket.
Drive Shaft
New U-joints
Cleaned and painted Transmission
Inspect and new oil
New Clutch, pressure plate, and
throw out bearing
Four new Monroe shocks
New master cylinder
All new steel brake lines
New brake hoses
New wheel cylinders
New brake shoes and hardware
New emergency brake cables
Frame was completely power brushed to bear metal,
Then was painted with Eastwoods Corrosionless Primer,
then painted with Rustoleum black paint.
Front end was completely rebushed.
All the twin I beam bushings,
radius arm bushings,
King pins were replaced right before
I took it off the road.
Replaced Bed with one I got out of Texas.
The Bed was sandblasted and epoxy primered.
Underneath was painted over with black Rustoleum.
I had to replace one panel on the floor
of the bed in front of the right side wheel housing
the rest of the bed was very nice condition
No holes or rust.
I replaced the tailgate with one I got from California.
It had the center tailgate molding.
I decided to leave that on even though
it's not correct for a custom cab.
I just liked how it set off the tailgate
New rear chrome bumper,
SS bolts and brackets,
license plate lights
Re- Chromed Front Bumper, and
new SS bolts
New radiator core support and mounting kit.
New radiator
Inner fenders I got used
had them blasted and epoxy primed,
painted them with Rustoleum underneath,
and black acrylic enamel on top.
They were in very nice condition.
Front fenders are both original
They were blasted and epoxy primered.
Underneath painted with black Rustoleum.
The cab, and doors were in pretty good shape
for being in PA all its life.
I did have to Mig weld a couple of patches
in the floor mostly on the drivers side.
The cab mounts were in really good shape.
I stripped the entire cab of all parts
dash, seat everything.
The Floor was repaired, primed and painted
inside and underneath.
I had the cab off the frame on a dolly
so I could work on it.
It was stripped to bare metal and
primed and painted.
Black Rustoleum on the underside and
part way up the firewall.
On the cab I found huge dent in the roof
full of Bondo when I striped it.
We cut a good roof off another truck and welded it on.
It's a very good professional job and looks great.
Doors only needed to be stripped and painted
All the rubber is new.
That includes doors, door windows, rear window, inner fenders
Everything except for around the windshield it was OK.
I repainted the instrument panel and
put new glass in it.
The Dash pad was painted with vinyl paint.
New rubber on all the pedals.
My wife redid the seat in a black and white cloth
hounds tooth and black vinyl.
New floor mat
The engine had been rebuilt with
new rings and bearings by the guy
I worked with.
I ran about 22,000 miles on it in 3 years.
It ran great and used no oil.
It did however leak all over the place.
I tore it all apart.
Checked the cylinder walls and bearings ,
Everything was OK.
I cleaned and painted everything.
Replaced timing gear, and chain,
Replaced water and fuel pump.
Replaced all the gaskets and seals.
Rebuilt the carburator
I added new Hooker Headers with
Dual Flow Masters.
PRICE: $19,990
Stock #: 2036F
My Location: Elkhart, IN United States
Information Call Ray at Toll Free 800-852-1911
Or Cell 574-849-5323
Second phone: 574-970-0645 (24 hrs) Or

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