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Sorry no Factory Air, but it is a Convertible.
The color is paint #19 Claret Metallic.
The car needs to be repainted.
Rust over the right headlight.
I found a NOS right fender for the repair.
Other rust inside the front of the rear wheel wells.
Small rust holes in the lower body on the left side
just in front of the rear wheels
Stored inside a heated garage for over 50 years.
Exhaust is gone and needs new.
Chrome is in fair condition.
One larger dent where Aunt Betty (previous owner) hit a tree.
The side of the left front fender is dented from the same tree.
The only car that I know of in the L.C.O.C. to have the original black Convertible top.
It does need replacement,
it now has some small tears in it from being raised and lowered.
I get calls from other Lincoln members asking where to locate the
side Lincoln emblems on the convertible top.
All black leather interior is presentable with some bad spots.
It could be replaced to be a show car or drive as is.
Inside the trunk is real good shape.
It has the original jack.
The car has 80,000 miles on it.
The previous owner parked it in her garage one day left the keys in the ignition,
battery connected and all the fluids filled up.
She then went out and bought a new Lincoln.
After 26 years of sitting, I purchased the car,
pulled it out of the garage (the brakes were locked up),
hauled to my house and had it running THE SAME DAY.
I have replaced Brakes (3.5 shoes), Brake Lines,
Fuel Lines and Tank (Boiled out and coated),
Water Pump and Radiator.
Power windows and an automatic head light dimmer.
Up until 15 years ago, we drove the car to many car shows.
We would put the Convertible top straight up (because that is as far as it would go).
The main cylinders need replacement.
It was missing a right fender skirt but I found one.
It is black.
The car has been sitting in my heated garage (not moved) for a long time.
I never had the time to take it to car shows.
It needs work but it is probably the best solid car out there for the money.
It is 99% complete, missing only the glass washer container (I broke it)
and that is all that I can think of.
Now that I am retired I thought I would have time to get the old buggy
back on the road but many health issues showed up and
I cannot work on my cars as I used too.
The car is not running now but I should be able to have it running
after a little nudging on the flywheel.
It ran just fine when I parked it.
I have been as honest as I can about this car.
I have owned it for over 20 years and hope that it goes to someone
that will restore it to the original (STOCK) beauty.
Price: $35,945,
Location: Bloomington, Indiana United States
If you have anymore, questions please
Call Kary Scholl at 812-824-1132 Or
Cell 812-345-5750.

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