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1946 Plymouth Deluxe Phantom Custom Woodie 4DR Sedan For Sale

 Photo of 1946 Plymouth Deluxe Phantom Custom Woodie  4DR  Sedan

1946 Plymouth Deluxe Phantom Custom Woodie 4DR Sedan
It is time for this car named "Plywood" to find a new home.
PLYWOOD has been to Wavecrest Twice,
Featured in the Woodie Times Magazine Twice
and The Plymouth Owners Club,
The Bulletin Once.
PLYWOOD Comes with $3,000, in Extra Parts,
12 Years of The Woodie Times and
12 Years of The Bulletin and
A Brand New Headliner.
PLYWOOD Runs Beautifully,
Is Very Reliable and
ALWAYS Receives Lots of Attention
when I have it out, on the road.
Extra Parts Include: New Starter,
New Generator,
Oil Bath Air Cleaner,
a Nicer Quality Hood Ornament,
a Complete Grille and Extra Hub Caps.
There are other Miscellaneous Parts
Too Much to remember.
I had a New Headliner Installed,
Over the past Five Years I have Installed
a Rebuilt Starter, Generator,
Thick Battery Cables which I have Grounded
to a mounting bolt on the starter
for Instant Starting,
Flushed out the Cooling System and
Installed a Rust Free Center Interior Windshield
Metal Strip with a NOS after market
JOMA Rear View Mirror Which is wider
than a stock original mirror.
PLYWOOD Runs Wonderfully,
It has a 6 Cylinder Motor and
Manual Transmission.
Is Not a Trailer Queen and
the Paint Has Thin Spots, Chips, Etc.
I Recently had the Front and Rear Bumpers Chromed
and Added Rear Fender Stainless Steel Guards.
10 Years Ago,
I had a New Head Gasket Installed,
NOS Axles and Bearings Installed and
Major Brake Work Done.
I have Driven the car about 500 Miles Per Year
since I bought it in 2003.
I have the Speedo Cable Disconnected and
I have a Professionally Restored
Speedo Assembly/gauge Housing to Replace It.
I am satisfied not to have a speedo or
the noise of the worn one.
The fog lights need to have a new switch
and/or check their wiring because
they have been overheating the current switch.
I installed a single pipe dual exhaust tips
with a Flow Master Muffler to give the Car
a Little More Throaty, not loud, Exhaust Sound.
Member National Woodie Club
PS: the car also comes with Three Professionally Crafted
Scale Model Concept Woodie Models,
Including an exact Replica of PLYWOOD
which Cost $450, to have made.
Also PLYWOOD Won another nice "hand made" Trophy,
October 18, 2015; at the
Phoenix, Arizona.
This Plymouth Woody Is In
Stock Number: 2083Q
My Location: Elkhart, IN United States
Information Call Ray at Toll Free 800-852-1911
Or Cell 574-849-5323
Second phone: 574-970-0645 (24 hrs) Or

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