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1946 Ford Custom Bomb For Sale

Photo of 1946 Ford Custom Bomb

1946 Ford Custom Bomb
Really looking for a trade for a 48-55 Suburban or 35-39 bomb,
sled styled car
My car is a real nice, clean driver with a crate 283 (4k miles on it)
using a Wilcap trans adapter to retain the 3 on the tree.
Zepher rear gears for highway speeds,
newer brakes throughout,
Custom white interior,
Custom shift knob,
Vintage hat holder,
Lincoln long neck rear view mirror,
Visor, Skirts,
'49 Plymouth Ribbed Bumpers,
Lincoln Premier Caps,
Custom roofrack,
Swamp Cooler,
Unity foglights,
Dumby Spots,
Lots of cool accesories!
Under dash A/C that was from an old 60's Merc. that blows ice cold,
New dash chrome,
New underdash cloth wiring to factory colors,
New carpet kit,
Insulated floors,
Put this car on a lift and you will be very happy to see
you can eat off the undercarraige.
Dropped front axle,
Possies reversed eye springs front and rear,
Rear has shackle extentions for more drop,
Good black paint BC/CC PPG and
bottom is green with pearl lace treatment.
Also has 24K gold filigree behind rear windows by Liza.
Like I said the car runs and drive like a dream!
Does have some small bubbles on drivers bottom rocker
due to a plugged up window drain
I unplugged it but it still would need some attention (Very minor).
This car is not perfect but it was built to drive
and have fun doing so.
Price: $22,000 Or Best Offer Or
Especially for '48-'55 Suburban or '35-'39 bomb, sled styled car
More Information Call Chad at 727-742-0198
Feel free to call anytime.

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