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1941 Cadillac Coupe Early Custom Project For Sale

Photo of 1941 Cadillac Coupe Early Custom Project
1941 Cadillac Coupe Early Custom Project
I was originally planning on chopping the top and air bagging it,
but decided to preserve it to it's original glory.
That of painting it black, recreating the interior and
not doing any other modifications.
But that was just a decision I decided to make after
thinking it over more,
seeing how it is not everyday you find an early custom.
I just had it soda blasted to bare metal and
had the bodywork done.
The body is very nice and straight but not paint ready yet.
It then had a sealer applied followed by high build primer,
blocking, high build and blocking several times.
The front floors had some rot so new floor boards were installed
but they were only fit and tacked in.
I also found a rot area in the trunk about the size of your fist.
The car sits really low, and rides great!
The engine has been rebuilt and
the car drives well except it occasionally pops out of second gear
so the transmission might need to be rebuilt or the linkage adjusted.
However based on the many cars I've owned
it probably just needs to have the linkage tightened up or shimmed/sleeved.
It was originally built in the late 40's by a Detroit local legend, Colorado Lass.
It has the front bumper from a 1947 Cadillac adapted to it and
it has had the rear fenders and bumper from a 1949 Cadillac grafted in.
Pretty impressive, considering very few people could even afford a Cadillac,
much less cut up two to make one custom.
A bit of history on the 1941 Cadillac:
This was one of the sweetest rides you could buy in 1941.
Imagine the looks back in the day,
to drive a sporty luxury coupe and
these prestigious Cadillac Coupe Deluxe models were all of that and more.
In 1940, Cadillac released a new line,
the Series 62, which replaced 1939's Series 61.
It was referred to as the 'Torpedo Body' and was the last full year of production before the Second World War.
1941 saw sweeping changes and a major expansion of Cadillac's line.
After 1940, the LeSalle was discontinued and
the legendary V16 engine was gone.
All models now used the same 346 cubic inch V8 Engine
introduced in 1936 although improved with a power boost and
now rated at 150 BHP.
The '41 Cadillacs introduced the rectangular egg-crate grille
that would become the marque's trademark and
the hood ornament goddess was new and
served as a hood-release handle.
The fastback 2 door sedan models were reminiscent of
the aerodynamic coupes of the 1930's and
were called simply coupes and
came in either standard or deluxe trim versions.
You will be hard pressed to find anyone to dispute
that the 1941 Cadillac is one of the most elegant automobiles ever
to roll off the GM assembly line.
More than 60 years later they are one of the
few such models still as attractive today as
they were to buyers when new.
Moving this coupe is its original 346 cu in Flathead V8 Motor
with less than 1,500 miles on the rebuild
mated to its original standard column shift 3 speed manual transmission
which featured synchronized second and third gears.
Please keep in mind that only some 1,900 of these rare Coupe Deluxe beauties
(Style 6227D) were built in 1941,
the last full year of production before the war,
making these particular cars extremely collectible and
prized amongst Cadillac enthusiasts.
This is one very desirable pre-war classic car for any
classic American car enthusiast or collector to add to his collection,
a very honest and unabused example of a 1941 Cadillac Coupe Deluxe
and a sure-fire investment that will appreciate over the years
for any classic American car collector, Lead Sled/Kustom Car aficionado,
Hot Rod builder or Cadillac enthusiast!
I've enjoyed cruising in this car as
well as the preservation/restoration process.
Anyone who has built a car understands the great amount of
effort and monetary expenses,
along with the fact that you will not have any guarantee
to receive full compensation for the what was invested
when you sell a project.
My loss is your gain.
PRICE: Only $25,000 Or Best Offer
Possible Trades Welcome
More Information and Photos Email:
I can email photos of it in bare metal and it's build process.
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