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1934 frazer nash replicar
1934 Frazer Nash - Replicar
Beautiful and well-made show winner.
The body is maroon fiberglass.
The long-nosed frontend houses the trunk area
since the Volkswagen engine is in the back of this vehicle.
The hood ornament on an original Frazer-Nash
was the gas gauge; on the replicar it is a temperature gauge.
The engine in this 1979 replicar is a Volkswagen 1600 cc.
Title rated: 18hp.
Actual Mileage: 43,050
1934 Frazer-Nash roadster wood dashboard.
VDO gauges.
(i.e., standard German gauges found in Volkswagens).
The back of these cars is where the Volkswagen engine
is housed.
The canvas convertible top can be removed for parading
the car or just to cruise without the top.
This is a 1976 Special Custom Replica of the rare
1934 Frazer-Nash coupe roadster.
Owner still has the original KitKar Instruction Manual
that came with this vehicle.
The side-mounted spare tire is on the passenger side.
The convertible top is removable.
The tires are in good shape.
The white box like thing at the back is the engine area.
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