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1929 Ford Pickup Street Rod

1929 Ford Pickup - Street Rod
Here is a great little truck for sale or trade.
It may not be for everyone but it has been a favorite of many.
I fell in love with its classic hot rod look when I lived and
worked in New Zealand.
It was featured in many NZ Hot Rod Magazine articles
and was known as Project 29.
Alas it fell victim to new regulations that barred
left hand drive vehicles from New Zealand roads.
The best solution was to repatriate the old Ford
and that's when I obtained it.
This is an old school sort of hot rod.
It is nicer than what we are calling a rat rod in the USA
these days but with dressed in its special PPG green primer
and split wishbone suspension and torsion bars,
and 16 inch wheels with new bias belted tires,
It is a blend of high tech and traditional hot rod appeal.
The motivation is by a stock 350 Chevy small block engine
mated to a five speed manual transmission.
The engine and transmission were both rebuilt to
stock specifications in New Zealand prior to my shipping it
to the USA only a few months ago and
we have double-checked everything here.
I hate to let this one go. Sadly, however, my wife and I
are leaving again.
I work in international development and that's been my life
come and go.
How is a hot rodder to survive?
Truth is also that at '68 my body tells me it is time
for an automatic transmission and maybe a roomier cab.
Look this one over carefully and I think you ll agree
that it is unusually fine.
The look is perfect.
They really nailed it. Just doesn't get better.
Not unusually fine in an overly polished or as in refined.
It is a real man's real hot rod.
I have a lot more in this little hot rod than I will get out of it.
I am resigned to that,
But it has been fun and I guess I've paid for the fun.
I will sell it for around $20,000 for a loss of about the same.
Or I'll consider a trade.
It would probably have to be another Ford but
something a little bigger and preferably stock or
stock appearing.
Wouldn't mind something earlier than 1953
with a strong flathead in it.
Or something that looks like it should have a flathead
but has been modernized a bit with good American iron
and an automatic transmission.
All questions will be cheerfully answered.
"Project 29" would make a delightful Christmas present.
Write me at
If we need to talk I will send you my telephone number.
Thanks and best wishes for the Holiday season.

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