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1929 Ford Phaeton Street Rod

1929 Ford Phaeton - Street Rod
The main frame rails are original units
that are boxed where new cross members were added.
The front suspension consists of a "chassis engineering"
four inch dropped "I" beam axle that has been chromed.
It also features a stainless steel four bar.
The brakes are mid-sized General Motors units.
It also has a "Posies Super Slider" spring.
The rear suspension again consists of a four bar
with chrome coil over shocks.
The rear end is an eight inch Ford with a gear ratio of 3.00 to 1.
All the fuel lines, gas line, etc. are run nicely with
stainless steel clamps.
The rear pan resembles that of a Model A 400 rear pan.
Body - The body is a whole mini series in itself.
Started with a '29 model A tudor sedan body,
first removing the top.
The doors on a Model A are typically pretty short,
so they were lengthened 4 inches,
so the body would be more proportioned and
it is easier to get in and out of.
It also has bear claw door latches.
A cap was built on the top edge of the body that
raps all the way around into a '32 Ford dash with
TPI Tech gauges.
The steering column is an Ididit with a Lecarra steering wheel
with a Vega steering box.
The windshield posts have been narrowed up a little
and swept back a few degrees and
it has a flush fit windshield.
All of the hardware used to bolt the car together is
polished stainless steel button head allen bolts
with nyloc nuts and rubber backed washers.
The hood is a 3 piece unit that was incorporated into
the grill shell.
The cowl has been widened about 3/4 of an inch in the back
so it is more like a roadster cowl.
New front fender braces were built that also act
as the front shock mounts and are made of tubing
so the head light wires are hidden.
The front fenders originally were bolted from the top down
and the bolts were exposed.
Now they attach to the inside edge of the frame
so the bolts are hidden from the outside.
The rear fenders have been shortened on the rear edge 2 inches.
There are no side windows,
but the original phaetons did have what they called side curtains,
which were simply pieces of plastic that snapped onto
the side of the car should the weather gets bad.
But personally If the weather is that bad
I wouldn't be driving.
Motor - Is a 4 bolt main that has been bored 30 over.
The camshaft is a Lunati with 270 adv. duration with .420 lift
on the intake, and 280 duration and .442 lift on the exhaust.
It has Z-28 valve springs, new push rods,
and a double roller timing chain,
that should do it for valve train.
The pistons are a Speed Pro hyperutectic flat top.
The intake manifold is a Weiand Dual Plane 8004
(pretty common) .
The carburetor is a 600 cfm Holley with vacuum secondaries,
and electric choke.
The distributor is a GM HEI that I purchased from
Summit Racing Equipment,
It is supposed to out perform the stock distributor
on the GM ZZ4 350's.
It also has Accel plug wires and AC Delco plugs.
A few other tid bits about the motor are
Lokar braided stainless steel throttle and kick down cables.
It also has a chrome alternator, and aluminum pulleys,
and ceramic coated block hugger headers.
The transmission is a Turbo 350 and has a
mild stall converter ( 2000 RPM I believe) .
It also features a Lokar braided stainless steel dip-stick tube.
Wheels- The wheels are American Racing Torq Thrust, 15 x 6,
and 17 x 8, with BF Goodrich Comp TA's
P195 60's in the front and P255 60's in the rear.
Interior - The front seats are from a 2001 Chevy Cavalier.
Under the carpet is a foil backed insulation (to reduce heat).
The covering on the door panels and arm-rests, seats etc.
is a tan naugahyde, and the carpet is a couple of
shades darker.
Extremely nice, one of a kind, well built, car that looks great
and is a blast to drive with less then 1,600 miles.
It's won many awards from under carriage to interior
including "Best of Show"
PRICE: ONLY $29,999
Firm, No Trades, sorry
Hurry, 1st deposit gets this lil jewel!
Location: Elkhart, IN United States
Information Phone: Ray at 574-849-5323
Second phone: 574-970-0645 (24 hrs) Or

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