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1929 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe Classic Custom Hot Rod For Sale

Photo of 1929 Model A Deluxe Coupe Custom Hot Rod

1929 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe Classic Custom Hot Rod
There have to be thousands of interpretations
of this car, and
to this day they continue to be a desirable base
for Rat Rods, Resto Mods and customs.
Concours and Car Collector Shows
of a certian prestige never considered
Hot Rods as a legitimate class to enter such a car
Until Now.
Even Pebble Beach has a class for these cars now,
and consequently the values have started to rise
even more dramatically for high quality examples.
What better example than a car that has this much
following to such a broad audience,
and has a significant history to go with it!
Not to mention an absolutely gorgeous looking
Hot Rod that Drives As Good As It Looks.
I am totally thrilled to be offering this car
for a tremendous value, and
with a very remarkable history.
The modifications and attention to detail
on this car are amazing, functional, confidant
and as fun as anything in the Hot Rod world
you can experience!
And this car has been in this form since the late 1980's
with detailed documentation to prove it.
Receipts and records document this car as a 1930,
however the title search from California
from where the car originates, say it's a 1929.
The Coupe does have a VIN number stamp that
matches the vin# in the records and on the title.
It is obviously an aftermarket tag. and
the other vin is not visible or under the fender skin
inside the engine bay
if it's even legible.
The body, roof, trunk, and bonnets are all original metal
and unmolested.
The fenders and running boards are
from "Wardlow Top Shop" in Long Beach California
circa 1988
Let's go over some basic facts.
Small Block 327 with casting #'s 3956618 (68/69 block)
with 350 cui. Heads
Receipts document a rebuild with Edlebrock Cam Etc.
in 1993 by "Team C High Performance" in Bellflower CA.
350 Turbo Automatic Transmission Custom Built
for the car in 1996 by "Novotny" with a lot of extras.
9" Ford rear end by "Currie" 3.89 Ratio
(all docs. Receipts. etc.)
The body work was refinished in 1988, and
Painted Cabernet a 1988 Ford Pick Up color
Interior work began in 1982, and finished in 1989.
I believe this car is still in its finished condition
since these recorded dates, and
has only been maintained and
had mild improvements made over the remainder
of its recorded life since then.
The balance of material we have on the car
is extensive including some photo examples.
And if you are a classic literature and Hot Rod history buff,
there are innumerous receipts from Companys
like "Super Shops", "Currie" and "Magoo's" in California
just to name a few.
It's like a history machine just looking through
all the old records.
But regardless of the lack of detail described here in,
there was no lack of detail and attention to the car
and the records telling the story!
Sold new to Mr. Clark in Temcula California in 1929,
it appears to have only had five additional owners
since then.
One of whom we took the car in trade from recently
on a Classic Camaro.
The day he drove the car in and
took the Camaro home,
I did not hesitate to jump into this car, all 250lbs of me,
with Phil - about a buck 60, and run around
the neighborhood in it!
First impression was a little tight lol,
but how solid and great ridding it is.
To put it plainly,
I would drive this car anywhere.
Granted a long trip would be a bit far unless
you are smaller than me.
Point is it's not pieced together and abrupt,
harsh, or otherwise just eye candy.
This car is a driver, and drives very well!
Air Conditioner blows cold,
great stereo and speakers sound awesome,
fully functional dash, lights etc.
all completely working.
And then once again, the trim, chrome, wood interior,
cloth and velour is fresh, and clean
just beautiful!
I'll just finish with this, because
I can go on and on about this car.
You have to see it,
drive it in person to appreciate
how nice this little Hot Rod is.
Realistically though, you may be calling
from Canada, Hawaiiv or where ever.
I've sold em all over the world.
The very least I can do if you are seriously interested
in the car is do a complete walk around,
describe the car, start it for you
Pre-sale inspections are welcome and encouraged.
I would never leave any details out,
and be completely transparent with you,
but that's just good advice to anyone.
Thank you for looking, and
please do not hesitate to contact me
if there is anything I can do to help.
Stock Number: brandon TX
My Location: Elkhart, IN United States
Information Call Ray at Toll Free 800-852-1911
Or Cell 574-849-5323
Second phone: 574-970-0645 (24 hrs) Or

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