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1929 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Binder Sedanca Replica
1929 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Binder Sedanca Replica
Absolutely one-of-a-kind replica of the
most expensive automobile in the world,
1929 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Binder Coupe de Ville.
This replica originally built in the early '80's by
body hammered steal and fenders of fiberglass,
besides being able to take off the front section of the roof
it took over $250,000 and 2 1/2 years to build.
Incorporating original Bugatti and Rolls-Royce parts,
the chassis is from a GMC motor home on a 159" wheelbase,
using a Big Block GM with 3-speed automatic transmission.
Some Bugatti Mark History:
Ettore Bugatti had certainly succeeded in building the
ultimate luxury car, but now came the difficult part,
finding customers.
The biggest obstruction was the high price Bugatti asked
for the car.
At the 1932 Olympia Show in London one of the chassis
was offered for a staggering 6,500, which was twice as much
as the most expensive Rolls-Royce.
Eventually only five additional Royales were constructed,
which was well short of the 25 car run Bugatti had
quietly hoped for.
Only four of these found an owner,
the first and last car produced remained in the hands
of the Bugatti family for many years.
Ironically none of the Royale's owners were royals
and to this date none of the six Type 41s has ever been owned
by a royal.
Bugatti did manage to turn a profit out of the project
by selling Type 41 engines to a train manufacturer.
With the subsequent Type 46, 50 and 57 models,
Bugatti did manage to conquer the luxury market.
The first Royale customer was clothing manufacturer
Armand Esders.
He had Bugatti fit a two-door roadster coachwork,
penned by Jean Bugatti.
Considering the size of the chassis,
the 2+2 body was surprisingly elegant.
No lights were fitted as Esders never drove at night.
This Royale came closest to becoming royal property
as reputedly the King of Romania had the car rebodied
by Henri Binder with a coupe de ville style bodywork.
The design was very similar to the Coupe Napoleon
body on Ettore's own Royale.
Due to the outbreak of World War II,
the King never took delivery of the car.
It survived the second world war,
hidden in the sewers of Paris.
When peace returned it was sold to England and
eventually ended up in the Harrah collection in the United States.
In 1986 the Binder bodied Royale was bought by
Californian collector General William Lyon.
He offered the car for sale during the 1996 Barrett-Jackson
Auction where he refused an offer of $11 million.
The reserve was set at $15 million.
The new owner of the Bugatti brand,
Volkswagen, bought the car for a reputed $20 million
in 1999.
Why Pay $20 million when you can own it for $2,200,000.
Location: Florida, USA
Information Call: Robin Vernon at 305-754-2323 Or
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