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1966 TV Batmobile(TM) Replica For Sale

Photo of 1966 TV Batmobile(TM) Replica

1966 TV Batmobile(TM) Replica
Because the word Batmobile (TM)" is copyrighted,
it is necessary to refer to this as a "replica"
to avoid any confusion.
"Batmobile" and "Batman" are terms
owned exclusively by Warner Bros./DC Comics etc.
Some brief history about Batmobile(TM) Replicas
generally: The Butts-styled BatmobileTM Replica
is named for the late Bob Butts
who formed Fantasy Cars Ranch in El Cajhon, CA,
who in the early 70's and 80's was in
the business of selling TV Batmobile(TM) Replicas and
Lincoln Futura Concept Cars.
For the uninitiated,
the Butts-bodied cars are considered to be
among the most accurate replicas
in existence.
This is because the mold responsible
for their origin was pulled from the #4 Barris replica
The #4 Batmobile mold was pulled from
the #1 Batmobile,
so the bodies from that iteration are the most accurate
in details and styling cues etc.
Fast Forward: I built a Butts-bodied BatmobileTM Replica
to a very high standard,
It is a fully functional replica
built without having the usual "kit car giveaways".
Many other very desireable Butts-bodied replicas
didn't enjoy this as much for the time of
their respective builds.
As a result this replica is a Highly Detailed and
Fully Functional Replica that is considered to be
among the top 10 cars in the country.
The Butts-bodied BatmobileTM Replicas
are Highly Prized By Collectors and
Rarely Change Hands outside the usual auction venues.
It is for this reason that I built it on a
1975 Lincoln Donor Chassis.
This was a carefully documented Build
and would rival most replicas of its kind.
Careful attention was paid during the build
so as to NOT have the usual "kit car giveaways"
that include: Doors turn INTO the car
like any manufactured vehicle and
do not "pull away from" the car when opened
like lesser quality kit cars.
Rear-mount Battery
Corvette-style recessed door handles
The Butts-styled cars have a very distinct styling cue
known as the "quarter flare tip in" to distinguish them.
This had to do with how those cars came out of the mold
at the time.
Mine has this styling cue.
Safety Fuel Cell located in trunk.
Everything on this car is in "Above Average"
Overall Condition
With a Select Few Items Needing Any Attention
considering its age.
There are A LOT more details that are not
mentioned here but worthy of note.
There is a lot of documentation about the build,
Magazine History and Trophies
And Modern TV Appearances on
Americas Most Wanted Etc.
The Car Comes Fully Documented
with lien-free title.
Certainly, BatmobileTM Replica ownership
will place you among the elite segment of
collector car ownership.
If you do not want attention,
this is NOT the car for you.
Literally EVERY place you go you will be followed
in this replica as this car will bring you
celebrity status everywhere you go.
When you get gas there will be 5 or 6 cars
pulling in behind you snapping photos
like amateur papparazzi.
When you drive, there will be cars jockeying
for position just to get a photo of YOUR car.
Easily the most sought-after car at every car show
hands down.
This is a Street-legal Regularly Driven and
Enjoyed Replica and Titled Accordingly.
Save the pricey auction commission
and get this car now while available.
Serious Inquiries may be directed to the undersigned.
The car is located in the South and
is available for inspection with advance arrangements.
You are encouraged to see this car personally
as it will sell itself.
If this car is not sold in the open market place,
it will be sold at Auction.
Don't miss this chance to drive the
coolest crime-fighter in the world.
It's like no other car in the world LITERALLY.
If you're anything like me,
you will just sit and stare that it is
YOUR car in YOUR garage!
Additional photos available upon request.
This Vehicle is listed for sale elsewhere.
Shipping International or otherwise is the
responsibility of the buyer.
With the #1 Batmobile(TM) having sold in
January 2012 for $4.2M and
now in private hands,
it will likely be less accessible/visible to the public to enjoy.
This will almost surely ramp up demand and
value for replicas generally speaking.
This is your opportunity to BUY IT NOW or
be prepared to pay more later.
PRICE: $80,000
I look forward to speaking with you
about my replica.
Please Call Chris: 615-979-3058 or
No calls after 9pm CST Please.
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